Please Read This

Welcome to the Online School of Poetry! We’re an Internet-based arts school and community, and we’re very excited to welcome you aboard. As you can see, we have a social media “News Feed” on our platform. It’s a tool to help us network and see what others are doing, learning, and sharing at the Online School of Poetry (OSP).

Everyone that sets up an account here at OSP gets a blog! Visit the link “Your Blog,” and you can see where you can start blogging. You should notice the button that looks like a pencil, and when you scroll over it, it says “more options” you will discover categories to place your blog in and an option for a “Featured Image.” The blog has a one-thousand (1,000) word limit. All blog posts will populate the News Feed with a short segment of the blog for the community at OSP to see.

We want to encourage you to share your work and ideas on the news feed, but we want to discourage you from posting any political rants and thoughts of social and cultural division. We respect your freedom of speech, but this is first and foremost a school. Take note that we also have students as young as thirteen (13), and we all need to be role models, including the young students here at OSP.

We understand that artists reflect the times they live in, and we expect you all to do that. We demand you do it with respect and understanding. We hope we all can “Police Ourselves” here at OSP, but if someone posts something offensive and disrespectful, we will delete it. Plain and Simple. We will also consider banning you from our school for the offense if warranted. By making an account on our website, you have agreed to play by these rules.

Having said all that, please email the administrator if you think someone has crossed the line. Listening is essential here. Let’s prove to everyone that we can all get along as the late Rodney King once pondered. I hope you enjoy your experience here. Let’s find the poetry in song, theatre, music, acting, and even health, fitness, and good living.

Jeff Robinson
Online School of Poetry