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This is an opportunity

All the schools throughout the world are struggling to stay ahead of the curve. Parents and students of all ages are confused. Every educational institution needs online resources to feel empowered. We are outsourcing our learning portal for institutions to use for anything they may need. If you need a different location for the Chess Club, French Club, or Yearbook Club, we got you. Our website can be an extra resource or even an opportunity to communicate in a different way and style. The Online School of Poetry is an e-school that was founded in 2005 by Boston based musician, actor, and web developer Jeff Robinson. More about OSP.

Features list

A Powerful Course Builder

Design your courses or clubs using several tools that makes it esy for everyone to get onboard

Prerequisites Settings

Make sure that all the course prerequisites are met simply with the click of the mouse on your computer

Drip-Feed Content

Set the course up in a step-wise motion so all of the students take each course in the order that you want

Student Blogs

Blogs for each student as soon as they make an account! Each blog entry populates the social media feed

Student Groups

Sometimes the students just need to be with other students so they can truly be themselves and enjoy the site

Instructor & Student Profiles

Like most Social Media sites it’s good to know a little about your connections and what they like!

Private Messaging

Privacy is important and there are times when the teacher and or the student need to communicate that way

Member Connections

You can make connections and meet new people and make new friends and maybe learn something new too

Video Uploads

Video is important in online learning and we have the resourses to help you get your videos online for the students


We also have forums to help the instructors and students study,  organize, and network

Zoom Integration

Yes, we have Zoom integration because Zoom is the industry standard for online learning

Google Meet Integration

Yes, we have Google Meet integration because live video is the industry standard for online learning

Skype Integration

Yes, we have Skype integration because live video is the industry standard for online learning

Lesson & Quizzes

You can divide each course into lessons and  quizzes which can help you help the students learn


A grading scale is useful and we will soon add achievement bonuses for the instructor who wants to give more


We have certificates for the completion of your course and can design a special certificate just for you

Focus Mode

Sometimes you need to concentrate and “Focus Mode” can shut out sections of the website so the students can think 

Student Moderator

When the teacher needs a break they can assign a trusted student to moderate the course as needed

Social Media Network

Social media have changed how we communicate and network so we added a News Feed to have a bit of fun

Events Calendar

Online events are the norm and a community events calendar is necessary on a site like this

Custom Made Merchandise

If you need merchandise for your club or course let us know and we will make it happen. LET”S GO!

Your online school is wonderful! It’s a pioneering way to teach art while building a community. It also allows space for enjoyment, challenge, varying experiences, and love! And it worked great on my phone as well.

Jamele Adams

Seasoned  Administrator in Higher Education

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Contact us and we will give you more information. We work with students thirteen years and older.