Word Play Poetry Fridays

i think, too often, as poets, we get very serious about our craft. We think we have to have a deep pronouncement to make before we start to write. Sometimes that keeps us from writing anything at all. 

The purpose here is just to play with words. There are lots of ways that writing can be loose and innovative. If we can let go of that stentorian voice of The Editor, we can let a few new ideas fly. 

This is not to belittle the careful process of editing and refining our work. I certainly want to be exquisitely precise in my writing. But that precision doesn’t happen instantaneously. Writers need to ruminate around, investigate unusual forms, and scratch out a lot of verbiage before getting to that one beautiful, elegant, fastidious expression. 

So let’s let our guard down a little and try out something untried. 

Scheduling these sessions on Friday is to get us into the spirit of how the eagle flies, to launch out into the unknown and see how it soars. 

I have seen how a community of writers can help each other to persevere; these Friday sessions are to help us start bouncing and maybe have some fun in the process of producing new work.

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